Green Ice Melting

A Spray De-icer that is Green ?

If you are one of those people that has to get up early in the morning to go to work and don’t have the luxury of parking your vehicle indoors in the winter, then you are probably scrapping ice in the winter.  XYNYTH’s new product makes this chore fast and simple – spray and go!

XYNYTH’s mantra as a company is to always look after the environment first.  After all, it was the first company to develop ECO friendly de-icers 30 years ago and Arctic CLEAR is no different.  Arctic CLEAR is made with biodegradable ingredients, and while not safe for humans to ingest, they are okay for the environment.

One should be careful, since their new produce is an alcohol based deicer and therefore flammable, caution should be taken.  It is a spray and under pressure, so it is combustible and should never be tossed into a fire or heated up.

Arctic CLEAR Window & Mirror De-icer™ contains a number of ingredients, one major one being methanol which is a naturally occurring, biodegradable alcohol that is one of the most abundant organic compounds in the environment.  It is the simplest form of alcohol and commonly used in antifreeze, solvent, fuel, and as a denaturant for ethanol.

Obviously large quantities of methanol can be toxic if ingested, but in small quantities it has a very low impact on the environment when released because of how quickly it biodegrades.  Because of methanol’s solubility in water, it can be quickly diluted in larger bodies of water to levels that are safe for organisms.  In fact, four parts water to one part methanol can be considered as sufficiently diluted to diminish flammability.

Methanol is part of the environmental solution by many organizations for a number of applications, including the clean up of sensitive waterways and aquifers through wastewater denitrification, the use in clean energy in fuel and fuel cells, and as an input in the biodiesel production process.  Methanol is also used in blending with gasoline, which has proven to improve engine emission levels.

So it is nice to know, that on those cold frosty mornings, when your windshield is covered in ice, you can Spray & Go, and no need to worry about the environment.

XYNYTH has your back!