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Liquefying icemelters

Liquefy Icemelters

A very common question asked in the Icemelter Market is: “Which icemelters can be liquefied from it’s granular form?”

We have found a set of products that are very effective when liquefied, and even safe for the environment. All of XYNYTH’s Winter Warrior icemelters (which includes Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer™ Icemelter, Winter Warrior Runway Control® and Winter Warrior CMA™ Icemelter can be converted to a liquid quite easily.

Simply dilute 25% product into 75% water.

Their Calcium Chloride can also be liquefied for those who want a cheaper, non-eco-friendly alternative. The details on how to liquefy Calcium Chloride are available on the XYNYTH website.