Green Ice Melting

Which Icemelter to use outside/inside food processing/storage facilities?

Many people are aware that ice builds up outside food processing/storage facilities but; many people may not be aware that there is build up of ice inside as well.  The ice builds up in doorways, doorframes, shelves and even on freezer floors. With the ice build up it becomes a slip / fall hazard for employees moving in and around the area which can cost the owners a great deal of money due to injury.

Companies have limited options of what products can be used it needs to be approved by the food inspection agency.  Many companies turn to rock salt to help with the ice build up.  In the end traditional rock salt is very costly as it is very corrosive to metal.  Companies will have to replace shelving and any metal in and around the door frames.  Also rock salt is toxic if food comes into contact with it.

In searching high and low for solutions I found a product called  Mountain Organic Natural  Icemelter which is a fertilizer based icemelter that is used in outside many companies as it is environmentally friendly and does not track into buildings.  For use inside food processing/storage facilities there is a product called Winter Warrior Runway Control® this product is completely chloride and urea free, it also contains a corrosive inhibitor and is environmentally friendly.  Both of these products are manufactured by a company called XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.  Since food processing/storage facilities can only use food inspection agency approved materials, both the Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter and the Winter Warrior Runway Control are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved.