Green Ice Melting

– melting ice the environmentally responsible way

Icemelter and new concrete (12 months old!)

XYNYTH Icemelters - Safe on Concrete

We came across an article from XYNYTH’s  Icemelt Resource Centre, about Icemelter and new concrete. A question we frequently get is “if Icemelter is safe to apply on new concrete?” The answer is no, as newly poured concrete needs time…
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GroundWorks Icemelter is UREA FREE

Urea based ice melts are generally the ones labeled as safe for use around pets. However, with a practical working temperature of around -3.9°C / 25°F, urea is not a very effective ice melting product. Whereas an icemelter such as…
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You can taste it’: Road salt making Greater Toronto Area rivers, streams as salty as seawater.

XYNYTH Icemelter is the alternative to salt damaging ecosystem, wildlife, ground water sources

An article in CBC News recently stated that Road salt is making Greater Toronto Area (GTA) rivers, streams as salty as seawater. Scientists in GTA have released a stern warning in regards to the high chloride level in GTA waterways…
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Snow Magazine Headline - XYNYTH.COM

Recently, The Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act was signed into law in Illinois. What does this mean? The Snow Magazine ( says that “This law now makes indemnification agreements and hold-harmless language passing liability from the property owner or…
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