Green Ice Melting

What is Green Ice Melting?

For those of us who live in cold climates, we get the joy of dealing with the removal of the snow and ice that comes along with those picturesque winter days and nights.  All too often, we do not think about the environmental impact of our removal choice, and instead reach for the nearest salt product we can find.

In fact, much damage has already been done by the vast amount of salt that has been spread on our streets, roads and highways.  The damage has been quite widespread as well including damage not only to our environment, plants, soil, groundwater systems, animals and aquatic life, but also to much physical property as well such as: cars, roads, concrete, buildings, parking lots and parkades.  Some ice melters can ever be harmful to the people that use them.

This Blog, Green Ice Melting, is focused on providing its readers with eco-friendly ice melting information centered on protecting our environment, its eco-systems and the people that inhabit it.  Armed with the right information, the reader can make the responsible choice to melting their ice away safely, effectively and at the same time saving the planet.

Your comments and open dialogue are certainly encouraged.  Together we all can make a difference!